7 Questions Answered About What Is SCFM On An Air Compressor ?




What Is SCFM On An Air Compressor

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Before choosing an air purifier, it is essential to know what SCFM is on an air compressor to ensure the right choice. In this case, we covered the article following information.

  • What is SCFM on an air compressor?
  • Difference between CFM vs SCFM?
  • How to measure SCFM for compressed air?
  • Importance of SCFM and CFM in calculation an air compressor
  • And even more

So let’s get full information about the technology and ensure an air purifier that is worth of money.

What is SCFM on an air compressor?

Standard Cubic Feet per Minute (SCFM) is used to mean the rate of flow of gas and the quantity of air through a compressor at common pressure conditions and heat. The standard temperature for measuring SCFM flow rate varies from 60°F to 68°F, at a humidity of 36% and pressure of 14.7psi.

What’s the difference between CFM vs SCFM?

Usually, CFM and SCFM are the most common rating that uses in an air compressor. But there have some differences between them.

how to use porter cable air compressor

Following the measurement, SCFM is a bigger number than CFM. As the CFM values calculate under pressure, its air volume is smaller than SCFM. On the other hand, humidity, variables of pressure and temperature have to consider measuring SCFM. Thus the value of SCFM gets larger. In this case, SCFM to CFM converter can help you. 

Campbell Hausfeld usually uses SCFM values to produce information about air tools and CFM values when it needs to measure air compressors.However, typical DIY users don’t run tools to continue. As a result, air consumption ratings mostly depend on the duty cycle or average usage.

At the same time, Average usage depends on how many hours the tool will run. So air consumption rates will provide you a better indication of which size are compressor will be good enough to complete typical tasks based on the average DIY user.

What does SCFM stand for in air compressors?

As we talk, earlier SCFM is the most common unit that is applied to determine the volume of air compressor that it can bring to a tool. Besides SCFM to CFM air compressor is calculated at standard conditions that let calculation of mass flow rate.

What is mass flow rate? It’s a quantity of a substance that exceeds through a surface at a particular unit of the period. SCFM is a practical form of calculation. 

While you are measuring in SCFM, you have to consider several essential factors, including ambient air pressure, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity.

How to measure SCFM for compressed air?

Do you know how to calculate SCFM? To measure SCFM, you have to follow a method that enlarges the air to hold the intervening issues of temperature, humidity, and pressure. As a purchaser, you should focus on both CFM and SCFM. While CFM is more relevant to the internal capacity of the air compressor, SCFM is indicating how the air compressor will act in end-point applications.

If you want to get the best result in a factory setting, choose the highest SCFM rating tools and pick an air compressor that can yield an output of about 150 per cent with that rating. For instance, if a blower or sander need5.3 SCFM, you have to ensure that the compressor you are going to pick includes the output of at least 8.0 SCFM. Even you get higher, it will be better.

There has an air compressor SCFM chart online that you can look out for. On the other hand, if you want to run two or more pneumatic tools at the same time from a single compressor, it is recommended you add up the full SCFM of all the tools. And then multiply the number by 1.5 to measure the needed SCFM for the air compressor. An air compressor CFM vs psi chart can help you to do it the right way.

CFM vs psi chart

Importance of SCFM and CFM in calculation an air compressor

Naturally, CFM and SCFM ratings come with the product given by the producer. These ratings are calculated based on sea level. While CFM has no standard, SCFM indicates an air compressor’s volumetric flow following a standardized condition.

As a result of CFM always offers a lower rating of an air compressor than SCFM. Apart from what we mentioned above, it has another reason as the manufacturer calculates the CFM rating of an air compressor at a lower pressure or even equal to 90psi. So it produces a smaller air volume.

Conversely, the producer of an air compressor expands the air to a standard condition while concentrating on variables. Following the variables has to consider, 14.7psi, 68 degrees Fahrenheit, and 36% relative humidity.

  • How many CFM are in a gallon?

Answer : The answer is one gallon is =0.13368055419447 CFM. There is also having a CFM to SCFM calculator that can help you to convert 68 SCFM to CFM.

  • How to enhance CFM on an Air Compressor?

Answer : If you want to enhance the CFM on an air compressor probably, you will need to buy one more air compressor and join them together. The reason is you are willing to get more than the maximum capacity that it can produce, so you will extra machine so it can help. However, it has some down back. It will take a longer time to the air of both of the tank. Besides, it may get overheat and make it hard to maintain.Another way to enhance the CFM of the air compressor is you can let the air compressor more time to keep up the tank pressure. Just dial down the regulator to ensure the lowest setting so the tool can operate it. It means your air compressor is now eligible to run for a longer time, and the tool works well. If the tool works ideally, then you are allowed to dial the regular even more down. As a result, it can operate on the lowest pressure.

There has some benefit to follow the way. It will not only prolong its life but offer the air compressor more time to get back up while you use it.

Final words

Hope you get a clear knowledge about what is SCFM on an air compressor as well as some relevant information. The technology leads an air puffier in a healthy way to do the job properly. If you have still some further questions about the air compressor, let give us through the comment box, our expert team will offer you within a short time.

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