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how to increase cfm on air compressor

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Today we are gonna discuss how to increase CFM on the air compressor. I hope you have just seen that every air compressor has a particular CFM and this CFM actually decides the capability of any air compressor, the air compressor having more CFM can do work faster and efficiently than those air compressors which have comparatively less CFM

Why you need to increase cfm on air compressor ?

Some tools require less CFM while others require high CFM for working well. So sometimes for doing some big works that require high CFM, we need to increase CFM on the air compressor. So it can do that task easily. So the question is ‘how to increase CFM on air compressor’ so it can complete the work properly without any delay. Don’t worry about that because this article is gonna learn you how to increase CFM on air compressors but before knowing this let me explain about CFM.

how to adjust air compressor pressure switch control valve


The term CFM stands for ‘Cubic Feet per Minute’. It is the CFM rate of the air compressor that defines whether the air compressor can do high-level operating tasks or not. In other words, we can just say that CFM defines the flow rate of the volume (In cubic feet) of the air. The CFM rating devices are usually directed connected to the air compressor and show data that actually tell us the CFM rate of that air compressor. If the device shows 6 CFM, it means that this air compressor can release 6 cubic feet of air every minute. So before buying an air compressor one must have knowledge about the CFM of that air compressor.

If you are purchasing this air compressor for low CFM level work then, there is no such requirement of buying a high CFM air compressor.

How an Air Compressor Works ?

An air compressor first takes air inside and then creates pressure under its container tank. This stored pressure works as a force that helps the collected air to come out from the container at a certain speed which is known as the CFM of that air compressor

So now we can come to the above question ‘how to increase CFM on air compressor’. How to Increase CFM on Air Compressor Every air compressor has a particular and certain power level which is defined by the CFM of that air compressor. By Mathematically we can use a formula to find out the overall power of any air compressor, Power=pressure x (volume/time), where volume/ time is the CFM of that air compressor. However, we can’t increase the working power or CFM of any air compressor beyond their limited powers. But still, we can do some small changes to increase the CFM on the air compressor. I have explained below some ways by which we can increase the CFM of any air compressor.

1- By decreasing PSI

I hope you must have read the relation of pressure and volume, they are inversely proportional to each other. It means when we increase one of these the other one will automatically decrease at the same rate. So we can apply this theorem in increasing the CFM on the air compressor.We can just decrease the PSI by dialing down the regulator so air can flow or enter the tanks slowly that will build a lower pressure inside the container of the air compressor and this lower pressure will allow getting a higher CFM.

However, we can increase the CFM of any air compressor to a certain limit of changing the pressure. Yeah but increasing the CFM by this method is totally safe for your machine and this method is not going to harm your air compressor anymore.

how to increase cfm on air compressor

2- By joining two different compressor

AS we declared earlier that we can’t increase the CFM of any air compressor machine after a certain limit, but still you can use these methods to get some improvement on the CFM of your air compressor.

So in this, you have to connect two different air compressors together to get a high overall CFM. You can understand it very easily if you connect two different air compressors having the CFM of 5 and 6 then after joining these two air compressors the overall CFM will be 11 CFM.

Steps for this method

  • At first, we have to take both air compressors and have to connect them with two separate hoses.
  • Now connect these two hoses to a third container having three holes, two for compressor input and one for overall output. Now you can get the sum of two CFMs.

There is also a disadvantage of using this method to increase CFM. When two different air compressors are connected together then they will take a long time to sucks the air from the environment that can arise the problem of overheating of both air compressors.

Commons doubts related to how to increase the CFM on air compressor

How do I know what CFM my air compressor is?

When anyone purchases an air compressor, usually CFM should be written in the product details or manual. But don’t worry if you lost that manual because I have shared below another way to find the CFM of your air compressor.

  • First, you have to check the volume of your air compressor tank in gallons, then divide this volume by 7.48 and you will get your tank volume in cubic. (7.48 gallons=1 cubic feet).
  • Calculate the time difference between the kick in and kick out of the compressor, this is called PSI.
  • Now you have to divide this PSI value by 14.7 and you will get pressure in the ATM. Now the final step is multiplying pressure with volume and dividing the results by 60 and you will get your required CFM.

What is the difference between PSI and CFM?

CFM is a unit that tells how much volume of airflow (in cubic feet) every minute. This is actually used for measuring the volume. PSI stands for Pounds per Square Inch which tells us the pressure level on the air compressor.


So the final question is which method is better to increase the CFM of an air compressor and how to increase CFM on an air compressor faster.

Here my final tip is that you should try the first method ( By decreasing PSI) for the best result because this method will not affect your mac.

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