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How Often To Drain Air Compressor Tank


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How often to drain the air compressor tank is a common question in your mind if you have an air compressor. It is not necessary to drain your tank at every single use. Most of the users believe that the Compressor is draining once every couple of days. If you drain your Compressor tank, it is well enough to prevent significant rust.

Some methods to drain the air compressor tank are given below:

Most people forget to check their air compressor tank, and for this reason, it makes faulty parts. It is essential to know your machine, such as: how it works, different parts of the air compressor and their function, how to repair the device, and how to care for it.

Knowing all of these, you can protect your air compressor tank.

Today it is not easy to drain the Compressor. If you want to use your Compressor like new and extended last, it will drain. Two methods are found, such as manual and automatic.

Manual method

Following this method, you may know how often to drain the air compressor tank. Some steps are shown:

Find out the drain valve of your Compressor.

Most of the Compressor’s drain valves are located at the bottom. In a few Compressor instances, it can be on the side. If the side valve opens and closes, it will not be beneficial to drain the water entirely. The side valve works to drain water with air pressure. You can not empty if you don’t have air pressure. Sometimes this side placement creates rust. It would be best if you chose the air compressor with a drain valve at the bottom.

Open the drain valve of the Compressor.

If your compressor tank’s valve is located at the bottom, it will start the water out. When the dripping water is following, you should keep a pan underneath. Taking this step keeps your floor clean till the gunk drains out. If Air compressor tanks have a side valve, it will open, and then water is pushed by compressed air. Keeping a container, you catch the dirty water.

How Often To Drain Air Compressor Tank

Check properly and close the air compressor’s valve.

When your air compressor is draining, the valve is tightly closed. You should ensure that there is no leakage. If you want to check the leaks, soapy water will be used with the drain valve fitting. Must tighten the valve with a wrench when the soapy water comes out. It would help if you used thread tap and tight again. After doing all of these, if you still observe the leakage; then, you will change the valve.

Automatic method

If you cannot remember draining your air compressor tank, you choose the electric automatic drain valve, which helps ease your work. The second method is given below: Nowadays, an electric automatic drain valve is being famous for draining air compressors. Because most people find it a chore, this type of feature helps how often to drain the air compressor tank quickly. If you want to use this Compressor, you will remove your standard drain valve. Then you should set the electrical valve. It needs a 12v power source. You have to set the timer to drain frequently. It would be best to keep a pan for catching the liquid drained out for using this electric valve.

Some other steps are also given below when draining your air compressor:

  • Firstly, check the amount of pressure.
  • Make sure when you open the valve, some pressure in the tank.
  • And you are going to ensure that the Compressor is turned off. When this can be done, then make sure that the switch is turned to the off position. Most people recommend that the unit is unplugged and have a zero energy state. Following these steps, there is no threat to the work on it.
  • You need to keep the pressure in the trunk under 10 PSI. Releasing the tension, you pull the ring.
  • Then you search the drain valve.
  • Wearing safety materials such as goggles and gloves.
  • Wait till the whole water comes out.
  • Tightening the valve properly.
  • Check the leakage properly.
  • Lastly, your air compressor is fully drained, and you can do these steps again once a week.

How Often You Should Drain Water From My Compressor?


Q. What is the use of an air compressor?   

  • Answer: It pumps high-pressure air for filling gas cylinders, supplying drivers, pneumatic HVAC control systems powering, and power tools. The Compressor is also using many household applications.

Q. How long have you used the air compressor tank?

Q. Why are you draining water in the tank?

  • Answer: If the water is in the Air Compressor tank, it will cause the tank to rust inside and weaken the walls. This type of tank could be Dangerous because it seems that the tank will see excellent condition and work properly. For this reason, the structural integrity of the tank will be compromised. Sometimes, most people think this problem is simple, but it causes a slow air leak through the rusted metal.

Q. Is the air compressor being exploded?

  • Answer: A compromised air compressor tank can cause an explosion, which causes serious injuries. Water affects the tank’s capacity. It gives you a false reading, which is dangerous because it’s reading lower internal pressure when Its ability is already above. When the tank is empty, it helps your tank work more efficiently, which doesn’t overcome the water pressure.

Q. Why does the air compressor tank produce water?

  • Answer: Air compressor tanks have water separators, which remove free water from the air stream. But the Compressor’s air is warmer than ambient conditions. This warm releasing air cools in the pipes and then creates water to condense. For this reason, people find water in the line.


Keep in mind; that you need to choose a safe place for the Compressor. If you drop your air compressor tank, it will weaken the structural integrity. Sometimes it causes a blast. Remember to use long last; you need knowledge of how often to drain the air compressor tank.

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