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Are you concerned about the air compressor and don’t know how much is an air compressor for a car? Don’t worry we are here for you. We made this guide covering the following information

  • How much is an air compressor for a car
  • Are you allowed to drive a car with a bad compressor?
  • Can you change it yourself?
  • And more!
How Much Is An Air Compressor For a Car

So this broad research will not only offer you clear pricing information, but also it will realize why you should repair an old air composer as soon as possible. Let’s start!

What Is The Air Conditioner Compressor?

The AC system is made of some parts including the evaporator, condenser, and compressor. It is one of the very important parts of the system that acts like a pump to get the refrigerant and then compress it and finally pass it on to the evaporator. Besides, the compressor includes plenty of moving parts that can fail often. 

As a result, it will stop working. If this component gets separated, this can cause debris to spread all through the AC system. Most of the garages change the orifice tube and receiver while they replace the AC compressor as there is a risk of getting waste in those areas.

How much is an air compressor for a car

The cost of an air compressor for a car can vary from $195 to $736. While the labor cost can range from $376 to $986. It also depends on the car model and the work has to be done as some can be harder to replace than others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much it will cost to replace an air compressor?

It depends on several factors, including whether you will do it yourself or take it from a brand dealer or an independent shop. The cost is also depending on whether it is new or used. In our opinion, if you would like to do it yourself, it will cost $400-$500 for a new compressor, evacuating the system, and evaporator. An independent shop will charge $750-$1,000+ and you have to pay a dealer $1,500+.If you are lucky enough and just need the clutch of the compressor rather than the whole compressor, it’s only a $200 job. However, a repair shop doesn’t want to only change the clutch for profit purposes. If it needs to replace the clutch, you shouldn’t evacuate the system, and it will save the parts, materials, and labor.

Can I drive a car with a bad air compressor?

Most of the time, you are allowed. If you find the compressor clutch assembly stuck, then it will be better to remove it. If the belt powers other assemblies including an alternator, a water pump, and power steering, then find another belt as there previously existed to power these other items or change the A/C clutch assembly.

Can I change the car’s AC compressor?

To replace the car AC compressor, you will need somebody to evacuate the system, then take it home and set the compressor on. If you successfully handle the compressor replacement, it will save a lot of money.

What Happens if You Don’t Repair Your AC Compressor?

Unlike several systems that you will find under the hook of a car, the air conditioning system is not such an essential part of the car’s function. It means the parts can perfectly run without air conditioning. However, it wasn’t previously available, and people just rolled down the window to be refreshed.

Let’s get back to the main topic. If your AC compressor gets damaged, it won’t hurt your car working properly. But it will feel uncomfortable, particularly if you are driving in hot weather. Dehydration can lead you to serious risk issues if you are in a car that doesn’t offer you air conditioning on a sunny day. So if you had to drive the car in a hot climate without air conditioning, you should take adequate water with you. Even the elderly, small kids, and pets will be at high risk if they are sealed in a hot car.

That’s the reason you should fix the air compressor whenever it’s possible. However, it is not essential to the functioning of a car, but it doesn’t mean that it is unnecessary. Who doesn’t want a comfortable car ride? And it is so important for your passengers as well. If you don’t Repair Your AC Compressor, your kids or dog will have to suffer for it.

Lastly, if you had to drive the car without air conditioning, you should open the window whenever you get the chance. As a result, you will get adequate airflow. At the same time, a water bottle will keep you and your passenger hydrated at all times.

What causes an AC compressor to stop working?

Several facts are responsible for causing an AC compressor to stop working. For example, bad contactors, dirty evaporators, dirty condensers, misadjusted controls, system leaks, dirty filters, and wrong oil for the system refrigerant.


It won’t trouble you as long as you don’t get an AC in your car. Usually, an AC pulley is a free-turning pulley that comes with a clutch. The function will spin freely till you switch the AC on. In short, if the clutch doesn’t work correctly, it won’t hurt your driving.

How to Replace an AC Compressor in Your Car

Final words

If you still considering how much an air compressor for a car is we would say it is the exact amount that you think of your health. It’s not just a feature of a car, how is it modern? It’s a health issue. After this research, if you are confident enough to repair the air compressor by yourself, you are welcome, as it will be the cheapest way. But if you aren’t, then let’s do it professionally no matter how it costs, it won’t be more than for your health.

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